2011 Update Schedule II

2011 Update Schedule II

Hi everyone,  I know it’s been just about forever since I put up a new cartoon, & I will get back to drawing, but I can’t promise it’ll be any time soon.  That grinding, metallic sound you might hear when you visit the site is me changing creative gears.  Not working on cartoons has allowed me some extra time to paint.  Here’s an abstract I finished earlier this year.  I submitted it to the California Mid State Fair visual arts competition in the “Professional” division & was pleasantly surprised to find a blue first place ribbon next to it last week!

I haven’t given up on comics, but for now I’m having much more fun painting, so it may be a few more months before a new cartoon pops up here.

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  1. Brain

    Congrats. Don’t worry about not updating the comix. As long as Billy Keane keeps pumping out Family Circus my thirst for funny picture drawing will be sated. Okay maybe not, but I’ll deal. Do what you enjoy sir.

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